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How to get around Createdebate's 50 Character Limit

You do this _______ also known as underscore it and then put what you want to type. It looks like this when you are typing it down _______________________________________________________________________________________50

This is a great way to pass the 50 character limit and completely legal and all major createdebate users use this technique. I hope this has hoped you get around createdebate's character limit for debaters.

   I posted this because people were wondering how you do this! I hope this helps you bypass the 50 character limit and hope you will not misuse this knowledge. You are welcome! If you have anything that you want me to explain feel free to contact my createdebate and send me a message!

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Hope this helps!

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A good example of this is pretend the - are underscores ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Hope this helps!

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or pretend the - are spaces bet the last and second last word. just add multiple spaces.

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that seems extremely shady. ._.

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Why would you post this in the first place? Now, Andy might change it so that you won't be able to bypass any 50 character limit.

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i hope he doesn't do that. uncle joe would die of grief!

DrawFour(2662) Clarified
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Nah, he knows about it already. He even posted a comment on a former debate about this very subject where he said, something along the lines of "learning the secret to the 50 character word limit bypass, is a right of passage of sorts"

I can't find the exact debate, but if you see him ask him, I'm sure he wouldn't deny it.