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How to watch liberals morph into nationalist/isolationists

Tell them about the mind boggling human rights violations in Muslim countries towards gays, women, children, and minorities. Suddenly it's not our problem, and we can't save the world. 


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Yes, other than these elitist corrupt Democrat politicians who do everything based on getting elected to push their socialist agendas, any person who can not see the insane hypocrisy to what the Left says about women's rights, Gay rights, etc. while saying nothing against how Muslims treat these groups, is truly a low end welfare loving loser.

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Are you saying that liberals dont want to help such people?

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Oh liberals claim to want to help most everyone. They just never do. They wait around for the right to cover the donations, the religious groups to do the heavy lifting, and Bubba to show up with his boat to save them from drowning in floods.

Liberals talk a big show, but in the end, they never deliver the goodies. Liberalism is about supporting what "feels good" rather than what "causes or does good". Of course lip service doesn't fix the inner cities, help black people, feed the poor, or save lives. But the left sure does feel good about feeling bad about it overtly, while covertly not actually giving a damn or doing anything about...well...anything...

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Liberals will lie, and claim and pretend anything they feel the need to, to make the world a Marxist hellhole.

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