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 How would you describe Web 3.0 in one word? (21)

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How would you describe Web 3.0 in one word?

One word and an explanation. Nuthin else
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People have enough trouble now trying to define Web 2.0. Obviously the internet is going to evolve and going to change, but let's just leave it at that, eh? No need for silly buzzwords.

If I simply had to predict the next "phase" of the internet, it would be the widespread adaptation of the semantic web and openID-esque systems, with the sharing of user data between different sites.

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"Collaboration"? Stuff like CD, I'd say, taking social networking one step ahead.

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The Office of Homeland Security --- "Voyeurs for Democracy" Division?

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SSO - Single Sign On

Login once. You get to surf the web more smoothly whilst sacrificing your information/privacy to whoever is willing to track/pay for your surfing habits.

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OpenID, is that what you getting at? Or do you mean the entire web will require just one login? Man, that would be so awesome but it seems so far off. Maybe web 6.0.

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Obnoxious: If I have to hear the phrase Web 3.0 one more time...

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(artificial intelligence)

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Silicon lungs and plastic veins.

Virtual Reality.

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LOL and robot sex.

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Excuse me, but my definition of sex includes penetration.

I predict a co-download of pre-programmed over-stimuli.

Hyphens are so next year.


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My guess is that the whole "ubiquitous" thing people are trying to get happening will be web3. Cell phone apps and mobile pcs with people interacting with each other and bringing online collaboration to the physical world too.

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Why do we need to define these internet movements chronologically. The web hasn't even been around long enough to elicit the need for all of these different categorizations. It's all just HYPE. We don't need to define it as Web 3.0. Sure, the look and feel of the web is ever changing, but isn't it defined well enough by standards that have been developed and are still evolving for CSS, HTML, XHTML, Javascript, AJAX, and all other programming languages on the internet?

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Non-existent. No matter how many ways marketeers (be they technical or not) try to phrase it, it remains that the world wide web is far from what it could be and, thanks to the various political and economic factions, will much more likely continue to be so than not.

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