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How would you like to see the points be calculated?

Some people do not like the way it is now when you get points for creating a debate and a point for every time you add a comment to a debate. Others do not like this "popularity" based score. What are your ideas on how this number can be improved?

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I would like to see a number which takes into consideration both the frequency which you create debates, the number of posts you make, your efficiency score, as well as how many people contributed to the debate you created (was this a debate only you added a comment to, or did a lot of people take part), and if you got a lot of up or down votes on a comment. I am not sure to what degree all of these factors should play a role in the number. Right now, I feel as if the current number rewards quantity of posts and created debates rather than quality.

Side: Quality over quantity

I agree. I think that people should only get one up vote per debate. You then up vote the best argument that supports your point of view. Or you can waste your one vote by voting for the worst argument on the other side. The whole point should be to polish/improve the best argument. You should also be allowed to move your vote to another argument if one shows up that is better than the one you voted for.

Having said all of that, I also understand that in order for a site to thrive, it needs lots of traffic. This means quantity and controversy.

The reason I don't care one way or another is because I'm into learning the rules and then pushing the envelope ;)

Side: Quality over quantity
Latoyawalt(1) Disputed
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Side: Quality over quantity