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 How would you run the government of an ideal country? (17)

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How would you run the government of an ideal country?

Assume you have average natural resources, along with a diverse population of around 10 million, everything else would be around average.

Keep it realistic, but that doesn't mean don't be creative.

Your aims are to increase the average standard of living within the country, have high levels of development, and happiness.

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I am going to give an example an every day life of a doctor in my country: Jhon is a doctor with a family, every month the government gives Jhon a contract of how much he can take from the grocery store, it's free but limited, the limit is based on the amount of food divided by how many people there are in the group. The group is a population 600 people or under just to make ruling the country easier. The resources given to the groups of the country is calculated by dividing the amount of life necessary resources in the country by the amount of groups in the country. When Jhon gives his wife what he got from the market according to the amount restriction in the contract. Jhon walks to work and saves another life. Saving a life is quite honorable so the government would grant you honor points in the form of tickets. Allowing to buy something that is not necessary in life but makes it easier, for example a car. Let's see, Jhon has done a great job for the community in health care. The people and the government are pleased with Jhon, as he kept saving honor points he managed to get a car as a reward of all of his hard work. The more you do for society the more honor points are rewarded. All are equal. There will no more poverty and only deserved abundance not wealth. This is what my avatar represents. For me Communist parties are the pre-steps of this ideology)

Side: better version of communism
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The amount of food will not be divided evenly among the group because communism under government is not a market because prices must be set according to supply and demand, not by need, so this is the case in Ethiopia where shortages are rampant just for bread. Price controls are what causing the shortages.

Communism is the opposite of wealth, and it is the undeserved poverty.

Side: Anarcho Capitalism
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The first thing I would do is make it illegal for anybody to hold any power over anybody else, saying that the people are to assassinate anybody who would dare declare themselves a ruler over the people, and then I would fire everybody in the government and then quit myself.

Side: Anarchy
brycer2012(1002) Disputed
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If you made the rule wouldn't you be breaking the law by making the rule?

Side: Anarchy
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Well, given that I can do w/e I want, i would eliminate most functions of the government. This includes the DEA, NSA, ATF, FBI, etc.

I would eliminate most to all market regulations, including subsidization, registrations, permits, licenses, most kinds of taxes, and things of that sort.

I would add many amendments ensuring the civil liberties of the people. This would keep the States from taking away certain rights. While it is common for people to believe in State's rights, I believe that individual rights are far more important than State's Rights.

Those would be the most important things I'd do.

Side: Small Government and Individual Rights

If you're going to eliminate so many bodies of the government, how would you moderate consumer goods? Do businesses have the right to protect their recopies or practices, despite the fact that consumers might find them immoral and not buy the product if they were known? I agree with the idea, but in practice I'd imagine it's quite impractical, it would almost encourage producers to make bad quality, cheaper goods, and high quality goods for those that can afford it. Could also lead to downright dangerous goods, bad moonshine can kill, as can home-made ecstasy and other substances.

Side: Small Government and Individual Rights
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Is it not up to the consumer to spend less for a less safe product?

Home-made ecstasy is a bi-product of the FDA and drug laws. but even so, the consumer is the end-all here; not greedy businesses that NEED consumers.

Side: Small Government and Individual Rights
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Here are some of the measures I would take.

- Completely remove tax for low income earners.

- Stabilize middle income earners tax.

- Increase tax for high income earners, and at the same time close the loopholes for tax avoidance.

- Introduce universal health care. Each person deserves the same level of health care.

- All personal law cases will be provided by legal aid. Allowing people with money to have better lawyers is the legalization of corruption.

- Fairly regulate banks with the help of both sides of parliament.

- Introduce emissions trading as a business opportunity.

- Cut defense spending by 75% (this alone can pay for health care).

- Reduce or eliminate prison sentences for minor crimes but lock up dangers to society for good.

- Abolish the death penalty.

- Don't lock people up for possession, put them into rehab.

Side: A fair and balanced government
BenWalters(1513) Disputed
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Just out of interest, if there's high tax in a country for high income earners, and there's also a large percentage of their tax being spent on providing for lower incomes, what's to stop them leaving the country? Just making it a nice country?

And also, I'm guessing you're American? (You're talking about death penalty and high defense spending, among others) You're not inheriting a country, you're just saying how you'd run it, you don't need to say 'abolish death penalty', it never existed.

And what do you mean emissions trading? Rewarding business on low environmentally sound practices?

And do you mean put people in rehab for first time offence of possession of small amounts of drugs, or repeat offenders who repetitively refuse to follow the law? It's also worth noting that rehab & jail really aren't entirely dissimilar.

Side: A fair and balanced government

In a ideal country, there would be no government, it would be anarcho capitalism with poly-centric rule of law with strong individual rights including property.

Side: Anarcho Capitalism

An ideal country would have ideal citizens. If everyone was an ideal citizen, there would be no need for me to run their government.

For the country described however.. I wouldn't do anything really unique apart from place resource stability over economic growth and development.

Side: Anarcho Capitalism