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Humanism leads to an empty, pointless, meaningless life


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Sorry, I feel this is very sad.

Humans are the current singular dominant species in virtually all ways that truly matter. To think that this leads to an "empty, pointless, meaningless life" is truly sad.

We are, at least for another decade or so, the dominant intelligent life form of Earth over the past at least hundreds of thousands of years if not millions or more years. We are the leading edge of "Intelligent Life" seeking to evolve into "More Intelligent Life".

The whole idiotic idea of describing this empty,pointless, and meaningless is just ignorant and stupid.

We are the singular more advanced form of intelligent life seeking very, very hard to evolve into the next more evolved form of life, a form of life we are actively intelligently evolving into what we will become.

Humans are currently evolving towards the next level of evolution, but few understand this.

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What about transhumanism or anti-humanism? .

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Mingiwuwu(1467) Clarified
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White aliens vs Red aliens.

Rotschchilds work for the reds. The white human leader(s) are probably high ranking scientists and NASA agents and Soros is leader of the blue regime may we reign supreme.

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Beast666(17) Disputed
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Rotschchilds work for the reds.

If I'm not mistaken their family name actually translates to "red shield".

Soros is leader of the blue regime

I guess you're not the good guys after all. I'm going back to the reds lol. (actually I think I would choose none of them and start my own color, I'll be whatever color gamma rays would be if I could see them)

That reminds me, why would aliens from another dimension use only colors that are visible to humans?

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MarkDice(51) Disputed
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Soros is leader of the blue regime may we reign supreme.

Ha! The Asians will have you in chains laughing in your face all the way to your cell. They almost own you already, and aren't particularly fond of white people.

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