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Humanity's reaction to Coronavirus shows why you need a gun

If we have a long period of being closed into our homes, those who are hungry will grow desperate and violent.


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Simply having a brainstem is evidence of why you need a gun.

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No - you need a gun to shoot yourself when there are no respirators left and you are suffocating to death.

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Cool. You wouldn't have anything to worry about if the leftist globalists hadn't exported our jobs and medical supply production to China because it felt libby... for a minute...

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Atrag(5556) Disputed
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"its the leftists fault". Every day. For months. Don't you want to do something more interesting with your life. Seriously mate.

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the leftist globalists

Can you possibly do me a favour and spare me the crazy Alex Jones conspiracies about leftist globalists? Thanks mate.

hadn't exported our jobs

Your jobs were exported by right wingers who wanted to cut costs you boring liar. It is just so boring talking to you because you are physically incapable of ever telling the truth about anything. Your entire identity revolves around dishonesty and the use of deception and/or omission to make false arguments.

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In case you missed it, the unrestricted global free market is the right's policy, not the left's.

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