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Humans are not Apex Predators Humans are Apex Predators
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Humans are not Apex Predators


Humans are not Apex Predators

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Humans are Apex Predators

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If you took away our weapons, we would be prey. While we, at an early part of our lives, were able to hunt and gather with sticks and spears...our ability to survive now without technology is nearly non-existent. The only saving grace we have is our capacity to think but sadly common sense has gone the way of the dodo for much of human kind.

In my mind, an Apex predator is one that is top of the food chain only using what it was born with.

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Ahoghill(1452) Disputed
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We did use what we were born with, our brains.

Our comparatively weak bodies were compensated for by our highly developed brains which we used in many ways to outsmart our prey.

Our methods would have included the excavation and camouflage of pits/trenches into which we would have lured or stampeded our prey that would have ranged in size from elephants to squirrels.

The bases of these traps would have been lined with vertically positioned wooden spikes.

We would have learnt that all animals are frightened of fire and would have used this knowledge to panic them into irrational behaviour which would have rendered them more vulnerable to being caught and killed.

We are the epitome of the adage;- brains over brawn.

We fished the rivers and seas of our planet ever since the dawn of our species.

We even hunted gigantic whales in flimsy rowing boats with nothing more than hand held harpoons.

I have stated why it is a futile exercise to argue that we would be nigh defenceless without our weapons, but it is is even more foolish not to take our superior brains into account when considering why we have always occupied the top position in the food chain.

There is no doubt that numerous animals with their animal cunning would have outwitted us on many occasions, but our brain power would have enabled us to note their methods of evasion and develop techniques which would have annulled their instinctive escapist responses.

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Mint_tea(4647) Disputed
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We did use what we were born with, our brains.

Correct. That's why I said:

The only saving grace we have is our capacity to think but sadly common sense has gone the way of the dodo for much of human kind.

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Humans are not Apex Predators

Hello T:

If were NOT top dog, who is? Cows? Wolves? Chickens?



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My opinion is that those who argue humans are not the world's top predators are way off beam and must have spent most of their lives on some planet other than earth.

Even without modern weapons mankind's superior brain enabled our primitive forefathers to hunt and kill any living creature on earth, even to extinction on many, too many, occasions.

The digging of concealed traps meant we could lure enormous animals of prey such as the extinct woolly mammoths or elephants to become ensnared in our man-made-pits where we could kill them by hurling boulders on top of them or spearing them to death.

But, our highly developed brains has meant that we did produce a range of advanced weapons, including arsenals of chemical and biological weaponry, which renders all living species totally at our mercy.

Our dominant predatory position extends to marine life as our fishing techniques means we can harvest any species from the seas we so wish.

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