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Humans will Successfully Transition from a Tpye 0 Civilization to a Type 1 Civilization

See brief article and short video: 



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First I would like to say how minimalist arguments aren’t actual arguments but a gross display of the ignorance inherent in humans facile obsession with supernatural explanations.

I believe type 1 civilizations are inevitable. Just like in all evolution we will eventually use up all our resources and be forced to adapt or die. In order to adapt as one organism we will need to communicate across the body of the entire organism, information will need to flow freely to every person, as it does to every cell in a living organism. At that point the organism is ready to adapt, and has to through a transmogrification, resulting in a change that cannot technically be preconceived. Once completed this change will suppress traits that are counterproductive to life in the new environment, and enhance traits that are productive.

It is inevitable I believe because there is a law of energy preservation that I’m sure a mathematician can devise that would say how much of the Earths energy is needed to find and spread a colony of humans to another planet, thus giving the species a chance to be a Type 2, and how much of that energy if dissipated or wasted would ensure the eventual demise of the race. Once figured out this calculation would demand that a loose association like a type 0 be disbanded and a more organized type 1 system be implemented.

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Sorry but I'm not sure there's such a thing as a Type 0 civilisation in either the link or the video... Please explain otherwise due to this debate resolution being impossible to support, I therefore am against it.

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I think this was in the "bigthink" link:

Here is an additional video as well:

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