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 Hunter Biden shows he likes things White (2)

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Hunter Biden shows he likes things White

Leftist you cannot make this stuff up
It's right there on Twitter(now that upsets you) I know for a fact it does but your life is tough because you Leftist voted for the White Man known as President Walter 
Are you Leftist going to say you didn't vote for the White Man well you lie to yourself if you say you didn't 
Have fun with that you Leftist girls or is it boys now that does confuse you
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Camilla Harris who is a Black Woman and married to a White Man you Leftist shunned what a bunch of Racist you Leftist really are

Sad you cannot see what Racist you Leftist are

Might you live life in a pair of blinders?????????

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Sexually Confused well defines you Leftist and why is that??????????

Does the confusion have to do with the 4th estate known as the Lying Media?