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 Husband Daycare now available at all Hobby Lobby locations (1)

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Husband Daycare now available at all Hobby Lobby locations

In a move to help oppressed husbands who are forced to walk around the craft store in a daze for hours as they lose all sense of time and space, Hobby Lobby has unveiled its new husband daycares at all of its U.S. stores.

At the beginning of a woman's shopping trip to Hobby Lobby, she can check her husband into the daycare for up to three hours, as long as he's trained to put the toilet seat back down. She also has to sign a waiver that she's responsible for any spills or messes he makes, though most of the women are already used to that anyway.

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At publishing time, Hobby Lobby had announced that you can leave your husband in the daycare Saturday night, let him hang out there all day Sunday, and come back to pick him up Monday morning, further increasing demand for the feature.

Hobby Lobby has a new feature that does seem to working out well.