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 Hypocrite Dems outraged over vulgar sexual talk while supporting No Restriction abortions. (3)

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Hypocrite Dems outraged over vulgar sexual talk while supporting No Restriction abortions.

Can a Party or Leftist ideology be any more screwed up? They are so tied to their specal interest Feminist groups and abortion lobby, they have lost all discernment when it comes to priorites in life.

Lets see, if you indulge in vulgar locker room talk such as talking about grabbing the "P" word, the Left says you are not fit to be a dog catcher, but if you support killing viable late term babies for any reason, you are their poster child for President.

Can Democrats be any more lost? You have lost all common sense, all wisdom, all discernment for what is barbaric in life.

Your values are based on politics verses humanity. This is what happens to man without God's wisdom.

Yes, sexual harrassment is a bad thing and should be shamed and stopped, but look at what YOU support with your vote? You support killing viable babies merely for being special.

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These same types of Democrats had no problem with Bill Clinton, the multiple accused rapist. He was their Party's voice for many years after his sexual exploits.


BisexualAt(7) Clarified
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And I guess you were a Trump supporter or maybe a conservative at a push so basically you stand by the man who will deport and rob from an already poor country to build a wall between them as if he is a child like if that is the sort of man you follow your naive and clueless about other peoples lives and how much worse they are than yours you selfish asshole

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Well the thing is as a British citizen I do not care about Bill Clinton but I do care about how inconsiderate you Americans are because you talk about how abortions are wrong and mob the people that do have an abortion but what about the people raped as a minor huh that is what is wrong with your argument you mob the people that have an abortion but shun and abandon the ons that don't and for that very reason I conclude that the babies when aborted cannot even process the feeling of pain or death because of their under developed nerves unlike the poor cows you demand to be needlessly slaughtered daily

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I have yet to see the support for no restriction abortions, but I've seen plenty of the left say no.

Vulgar sexual talk is vulgar. Parents get outraged over vulgar sexual talk. Talk of actual sexual harassment? That's not just vulgar.