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Am I the only one that has noticed Brontoraptor, NathanAllen and Nomenclature constantly trying to get everyones IP address?
Nomenclature is a zionist shill, Brontoraptor is a far-right propaganda artist, and NathanAllen is a crispy coon uncle tom house nigga.
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I'm not trying to get anyone's IP address. Nomenclature simply began mass puppeting, so I posted a random British IP map from Google images to watch him squirm and go bananas. If I could go back in time, I'd do it again. The meltdown was epic. Epic I say. Epic...

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Nomenclature constantly trying to get everyones IP address

I have never tried to get your IP address. You are a pointless imbecile who invents his own reality and who can't write a coherent paragraph without cursing like a drunken sailor.