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we all hear the talk about iran's plan to nuke israel. but i ask, would strking now be an advantage to israel or not?


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Israel's safety depends on Israel striking now. after reading a book called why Israel cant wait. i realized that a nuke could wipe out around a quarter of the population if dropped.

while Israel would be condemned most likely, how ever, i think the safety of a non nuclear Iran is better then a stopping of weapon and aid shipments to israel. Israel has also shown to be capable of defending its self, and agricultural and energy wise. Israel is self efficient. so the risks are greater when Israel waits i feel.

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If Israel go to war with Iran, America and UK with probably join in.

That means a LOT of jews, muslims and christians killing each other.

That's the only upside I can think of.

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No matter what the UN does, Iran will ultimately achieve the bomb. We (Israel, US and NATO) must strike now before Iran can finish their project. It doesn't have to be a full on war, we could just launch air strikes on the nuclear facility.

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Russia and China went along with the 4th round of sanctions against Iran. This puts a lot of pressure on Iran's little president. Maybe the real power in Iran, the clerics, will change course.

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Have you noticed that Iran's effort to procure energy independence is a threat to the world?

In an age of "Global Warming", man-made, I would have thought that Iran's effort to be "green" would be welcomed.

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I really don't buy that Iran is out to ONLY make green energy. I think they want the bomb.

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