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 IS the earth moving towards its destruction??? (10)

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IS the earth moving towards its destruction???

an article in a magazine suggested this idea is possible..

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a yahoo artilce says that more frequent and powerful earthquakes near the equator may deflect the earth's axis thus reducing the time we need to complete the rotation.

this means that we are moving towards the end! a dead end!

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hundreds , or thousands or years from now.

Now where anytime soon my friend.

the earth always goes through these problems and always rebounds anyways. well be fine.. at least we will, our kids kids won't be so lucky.

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hey guys, you are all forgetting to add the tags!

better check it out and add one!

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Yes, the recent events happenning in the world is the prooof for that. if these things keep on happenning, the world may destruct within 20 years or 2 days.

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If a yahoo article says it could happen, I believe it is a crisis and we should have a commision appointed to study this crisis.

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That depends. Is the Earth moving towards the sun or a black hole perhaps?

Yani12(12) Disputed
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If we were anywhere near a black hole (not including the galactic core) we'd know about it. And the earths at a good distance from the sun, if we were moving towards it, it would have already done so.

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It's more like destructions moving towards us. In a few billion years the sun will grow huge and burn us all or an asteroid will hit us. Either way we're dead.

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Only God truly know the answer to that question. We will find out sooner or later.

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sure, i cn almost see it already!!! :/ although i am pretty much sure that it won't be 2012!!! O_O

most of the stuff we use today are NOT environment friendly at all!!!

hairsprays!!! for heaven sake, do girls always need those??? can't they survive like i do???

air conditioners? i can understand that many people do face summers at unimaginable high temp.s, bt they could switch off these for like 10 mins every hr at least???!!!

refrigerators!! i noe no one now lives widout them, bt they should at least consider before throwing them into the dumps.!!!

Side: yep maybe nt 2012 bt soon enough