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I Love Fascism! Go Trump! MAGA!
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I Voted For Hitler In The Primaries Today.

I Love Fascism!

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Go Trump! MAGA!

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Why would a state worshipping, Islam loving Socialist not vote for a state worshipping, Islam loving Socialist?

Well, that's easy. Because Hitler was a fascist who hated Islam, he was raised as a Christian and as per usual you are simply turning the facts upside down just like Hitler did!! The idea (i.e. complete lie) that the Nazis were socialists LITERALLY came from Hitler. You are repeating Hitler's own propaganda again, willingly, and in the full knowledge of what you are doing, since you have already been corrected dozens of times on these issues:-

Nazism is a form of fascism

Fascism is a form of far-right, authoritarian ultranationalism characterized by dictatorial power

So, in closing, I agree with Wikipedia. You agree with Hitler's Nazi propaganda. Hence, your rather pathetic angle that I am the Nazi is as comical as everything else which ever leaves your horribly stupid mouth. You don't like being exposed for what you are and it is that simple mate.

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Waylife(11) Disputed
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LOL. Sorry, but I stopped reading after that comment. It shows a level of ignorance which is just way past comical. Sure buddy, Hitler the Catholic fascist was really a Muslim socialist. You should write a book on that conspiracy theory. I'm sure Trump would buy a few hundred thousand copies off you. Lol.

This entire debate is a parody of his persistent, irritating propaganda threads where he tries to convince people to vote for Donald Trump by posting a bunch of smiley photos. He's literally copying Nazi propaganda techniques from the 1930s. I strongly encourage every American to look in depth into the rise of the Nazis, so you understand exactly what is happening to your country right now.

Side: Go Trump! MAGA!

I think you lovely chaps should all vote for him too. He's a great guy, as proven by all the photos I've posted of him smiling and kissing kids. Leftists are just jealous of strong, fiscally responsible men like Trump and Hitler, who keep unemployment down and the economy booming. Don't y'all agree?

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SunTzuv2(52) Banned
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Arrogant Brit talking big and proud when his nation voted in Boris Johnson on landslide victory.

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Arrogant Brit talking big and proud when his nation voted in Boris Johnson on landslide victory.

Little bully Michael from Wales wants to fire shots because he doesn't like Nom but is too aggressive and mentally ill to simply leave him alone.

It's OK though. You can just go onto the ban list from now on. You haven't made a legitimate comment in any of my threads for months. Your posts are 100 percent always personal attacks, so you can gtfo. You're a stupid Welsh loser with a face like a frog. Are we done? Cool.

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