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I accept Excon's condemnation of Obama

Excon: I condemn all bad things that have ever happened or will ever happen.


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............. to go along with my (Bronto's ;-), acceptance of PUTIN'S condemnation of BOTH Obama and Hillary. He hated them both because THEY stood up to him .... as opposed to letting him take the stage first in Helsinki and quietly walking around behind him like the second class "leader" Rump IS!

A couple days ago Rump said: I have been the toughest President in history on Putin! If you don't believe me ASK VLAD!

Oh, MAN! Is Rump stupid, or what!?????

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TruthPolice(21) Disputed
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to go along with my (Bronto's ;-), acceptance of PUTIN'S condemnation of BOTH Obama and Hillary. He hated them both because THEY stood up to him ....

Clinton gave Putin 20% of our weapons grade uranium, had millions of dollars funneled to the Clinton Foundation, which stopped immediately when Trump won, and Obama's hot mic moment proved that he was in the tank with Putin. What are you even talking about?

Cash Flowed to Clinton Foundation Amid Russian Uranium Deal

-New York Times company.amp.html

FBI’s 37 secret pages of memos about Russia, Clintons and Uranium One

Microphone Catches a Candid Obama

-New York Times

President Obama found his private moment of political candor caught by a live microphone on Monday as he told Dmitri A. Medvedev of Russia that he would have “more flexibility” to negotiate on the delicate issue of missile defense after the November election, which Mr. Obama apparently feels confident he will win.

Mr. Obama’s Republican adversaries seized on the comment, which followed a meeting between Mr. Obama and Mr. Medvedev in Seoul, South Korea, where both had struggled to find common ground amid strong objections in Russia to the American plans for a missile defense system based in Europe.

As a pool of television journalists gathered for a news conference on the leaders’ meeting, Mr. Obama leaned in to deliver private assurances to Mr. Medvedev. But speaking inadvertently into an open microphone, he offered a frank assessment of the difficulty of reaching a deal — on this or any other subject — in an election year.

“On all these issues, but particularly missile defense, this can be solved, but it’s important for him to give me space,” Mr. Obama could be heard saying to Mr. Medvedev, according to a reporter from ABC News, who was traveling with the president.

Mr. Obama then elaborated in a portion of the exchange picked up by the cameras: “This is my last election. After my election I have more flexibility.”

“I understand. I will transmit this information to Vladimir,” Mr. Medvedev said, referring to Prime Minister Vladimir V. Putin.

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AlofRI(3264) Clarified
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President Obama was making headway on relations with Mr. Medvedev. Like several Presidents before him, he was working on nuclear and other missile regulations and agreements. That's a good thing. However, Mr. Putin didn't like the amiable way things were going. He had other ideas and quickly put Mr. Medvedev out of the "bargaining" position and took over his Presidency. If President Obama had dealt with Putin in as friendly a way as he was with Medvedev, I would have questioned his motives ... like I now question Rumps! A deal with Medvedev would NOT have made Mr. Putin happy because it wouldn't have fit in with his intent ... like a Putin deal with Rump would!

The rest of your Faux News crap has been discredited many times over.

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I accept Excon's condemnation of Obama

I accept it too Bronto. Obama should be condemned for his Star Chamber tactics.

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