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I am changing my profile name. What should my new one be?

been noticing that my name gives killer flashbacks of some guy on here name sonic, and i guess people dont want another one of him on here?(sheesh, thouhgt i was sonic freak) but still, i noticed that my name gives a false persoality to people, so im changin my name. and not because that im letton others opinions change me, but cuz now, i realize its not good name 4 me.

now, i need some suggestions of what my new name should be. i need someone to give some names so i have some ideas. thnx!

also some ideas for new profile pic. nobody even knows what the heck it is probably...

UPDATE" ok it seems i cant change my profile name. should i just make a new account? and some ideas of what my name would be

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If you've got a nick you like you could use that, I like the name your using it's kinda Hippyish

Cynical(1948) Disputed
1 point

Sonicfreak is hippy-ish?

EDIT: Referring to the name, not the person. :p

ha! thnx. i guess i could see why its kinda hippyish, no offense taken :)!

also was thinkin bout my fav nick " Tails", but might make people mad cuz hes a sonic character too. do u agree?

How about, The Debater Previously Known As SonicFreak (TDPKASF) or just use a symbol like Prince did ;)

I don't think you can change your profile name, you'll have to start anew.

sonicfreak81(137) Clarified
1 point

i do.........?????????????????????????????????????????? the next time i comment and i say "crap" u know what it means..

1 point

You can't

crap. if i could curse on here i would sh but i cant, so crap.

1 point

I never really understood all the negative hype with profanity. I mean, they are just words.

2 points

I agree some of the oldest words in the English language are swear words!!

sonicfreak81(137) Clarified
1 point

if i could i would but my mom would kill me if she saw me cursing, even on the computer. trust, i really would i f i had the choice to probably

so, i guess the new question is, should i start a whole new account so i could get a better start?

It really doesn't matter. But if you do, do it now while you do not have so many points. You can get 121 points within a week or two ;)

yea, ur right, but it took me a few weeks cuz im not really a professional debater, im still learning. but I'm gonna wait till the awards, or maybe not. but if i do decide to make a new account, what should my name be?

also gives some examples NOT to use, or other names that give terrible flashbacks :) !

i have some names in my head

1.Millenium- Joe

2.Snoopy- Joe again!

3.popcornfav( or somethin like that)- one of my favorite snacks.

and im thinking of more... thnx to everyone with the suggestions. any thoughts, more ideas, comments on the names, or just more suggestions?

i have a nickname called "tails" and i decided not to use it even tho its my fav nick, because its another sonic character and might make people mad, so..

maybe u should try to think of someone you look up to, or like what everyone else said.