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Ehoni42(8) pic

I am for mastrubation and I would lke to argue with someone that dosent

I mastrubate 9 times a week, it keeps me sane and happy.

what do you think

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It should be every persons choice. Not the persons parent, doctor or priest.

it's positive for your health, it prevent prostate cancer and people who masturbate regularly tend to not be depressed and more happy.

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DrawFour(2662) Disputed
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The orgasm is positive for your health, sex will give you those same health benefits and then some assuming you're not using protection, but even if you are just those same benefits one would receive from masturbation, without the shame or guilt feelings one would receive before the act or after.

You may feel inclined to say, "not everyone van get sex"

I disagree with that position. Here is why. There are certainly enough people on this planet, or in your whatever country you are in, for you to find someone that is alone, all you have to do is look. As far as having the balls to look, well that can be solved one of two ways. One man up and go for it, you're going to have to eventually, why not sooner than later? Two, stop masturbating your testosterone away. Wondering why when you see women you don't feel the urge to talk to them? Because their's no point, when you're going to be masturbating in an hour, instead of playing the game with them for some potential sex. The struggle is what makes it worth it. It makes the benefits of an orgasm, so much better.

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I agree. Most people who have experienced vaginal or (if you are homosexual) anal sex, rarely go back to masturbation afterwards, because even though masturbation is a good way to release pressure and is an easy way to quickly achieve an orgasm it simply does not compare to the feeling you get when you share a sexual act with a partner. I am not opposed to masturbation, I just think that there are better ways to get sexual pleasure and most people who masturbate don't exactly look like sophisticated members of society and are often outsiders in society, due to some kind of disorder.

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I'll start by saying I agree with masturbation for my own reasons (lol) but for the purpose of debate I'll engage you in this topic.

I am against masturbation. Masturbation depletes testosterone, the main chemical in men's brains giving them the desire to go out and look for a mate, look for someone to procreate with.

Basically, masturbation causes guys to not care for sex, and not seek it out. I mean why look for pleasure in others, when you can give it to yourself. Thus the human race slowly dies, as all the guys are masturbating, instead of looking for mates to carry on their genetic line.

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Faggitm8(7) Disputed
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They can use their honed skills of masturbation to donate sperm BITCH!!!

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