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 I am going to start an ethics series. (20)

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I am going to start an ethics series.

What subjects should I cover?
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I like chorizo! But I'm not Hispanic... is that Ethical?

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You chorizo bandido ;)

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pendejo is the word.

Atrag(5556) Disputed
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Wwwaaahhhhhh!!!! Sad act doesn't like being called pendejo so has to dedicate his time to down voting all my arguments. Hahaha ha. Well at least it's funny. Well done sad act.

Hellno(17756) Disputed
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Wow! The only one who seems to be crying is you. I think you're losing it dude. Again, I didn't down-vote you. Please stop obsessing over me... I'm too old for you.

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I look forward to seeing what you come up with. Being a debate website I always like to chime in on the ethics of debating itself, however, we already air that one out almost weekly.

It still fascinates me that people who want fairness for their position to be heard see no ethical problem with banning, smearing, insulting any rival position.

How about going through the express check out lane with more than the 10 item limit? Should you receive some sort of penalty in this life or the hereafter, or get off scot-free?

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moral principles that govern a person's or group's behavior.

the branch of knowledge that deals with moral principles.

So where are you going to start ?


On this website?

I don't think you should without studying it.

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CreateDebate and WritersCafe...............................................................................


And have you studied ethics?

A university course isn't necessary.

You can check , do a search and read through the articles and suggested authors.

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Death penalty


Moral philosophies vs other moral philosophies


Moral dilemmas (kill 1 to save 3 etc)

Lethal force


Not abortion

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Bring it on! I look forward to taking part in some interesting debates.

:D Just try not to use the ban button like it is the end all to discussions.