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 I am not ashamed of being white, I am ashamed of being human. (13)

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I am not ashamed of being white, I am ashamed of being human.

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I kind of agree on the "human" part. Only the "humans" are raping this planet.

The "white" part, though …. omigod, did I say …. though? I DIDN"T MEAN IT! (Well, not in the Presidential way, anyway ;-). I mean I'm not ashamed of being white. I wouldn't be ashamed of being black either …. or yellow, or red or brown, but, the human thing …. we CAN be nasty! SOME of us are learning, thoug …. OMG! I started to say it AGAIN...……….. !

BYE . I've got to get control of myself! UUMMMMM …. UUMMMMM … calm …. ignore! …….. ;-)

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SOME of us are learning, thoug …

Hello Al:

That was brilliant, though...


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I'm not ashamed of either. While there are humans out there that would be better off being shot into the sun, there are just as many if not more that are good or try to do good. When people stop rushing towards a catastrophe to help others, then I'll worry.

BrontoLite(95) Disputed
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Most people don't rush to a catastrophe to help others. Leftists usually sit by and trash the firefighters, cops, etc who rush in to help while they stuff their faces with food and watch from afar.

Mint_tea(4273) Disputed
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Ah so you've spoken to every rescuer, fire fighter, cop etc and found out they are all Righties? Cool. What an overachiever you are.

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It's proof positive just how successful the 'big bad white man' narrative has been advanced when we feel it necessary to say, ''I'm not ashamed of being white''.

Why to hell should anyone feel ashamed for being white?

In the same context, why should anyone feel ashamed for being human?

We are the dominant species on earth and as such instead of feeling ashamed we should be trying to steer mankind's progress towards the rejuvenation of our planet by insisting on the total replacement of carbon based power sources with eco-friendly, renewable energy technologies.

Feeling ashamed is a negative emotion which can paralyse progress in the fight to remedy the mistakes of the past caused mainly by our ignorance of the destructive nature of our industrial and leisure activities.

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I am neither ashamed of being human or white! I love being both and I love that God has made others to be other colors! It makes life so interesting when we can be different! I am not ashamed of what God made me to be. Humans are God's greatest creation and we are the closest to Him. In fact, He made us in His VERY image! I hope the human race will remember that someday and stop shaming the human that God has created!

Kilcom(237) Clarified
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Excellent point.

The Bible does tell us that God created man in his own image.

God's first human creations were almost certainly black skinned people from which other density levels of skin pigmentation evolved in order to be compatible with the different climate zones we ventured into and settled.

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That is so interesting! I always imagined Adam and Eve as white. But, that's probably because of all the pictures of creation...

If you are ashamed of being human, that means you lack confidence, self esteem, ambition, etc and have had it intentionally programmed out of you by the left via tv, movies, schools, politicians, etc. I personally feel great, but that's because I had good parents with good mental health who made sure I wasn't taught to hate myself into a deep, dark depression. One would think you would resent the left for your pain and misery and rebel against them out of revenge and use the pain to push you to greatness.

Umami(24) Disputed
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If you are ashamed of being human, that means you lack confidence, self esteem, ambition,

Actually I feel very superior to most humans and highly motivated to transcend human limitations and become a transhuman immortal god.

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Actually I feel very superior to most humans

Yes, ultimately that's your main problem. You're a delusional narcissist.

You should self-flagellate until you exorcise the demons inside you.