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 I challenge ShoutOutLoud to a rap battle. (1)

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I challenge ShoutOutLoud to a rap battle.

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Im in. I will lose, but still in. .

Dawazilu(139) Clarified
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Alright, let's go for three rounds of 16 lines (8 bars). A line is half a bar, so for example a full bar would be like this:

"This is an exemplary showcase of a bar

a bar that is so great it goes straight to the stars"

In rap battles you are at a disadvantage if you go first, because the opponent has more things to "flip" on you (use your words against you). I will go first since this is probably your first time.

alright, listen up you stupid fucking crotch rocket

your dad should have squirted you into a hot pocket

when you reply to me it's always off-topic

like you can't understand what I say when I drop logic

I'll turn your cranium into dust if I stomp on it

I bet that you're the type who couldn't squash dogshit

I'm the squatch', got it?

I'll eat your corpse and use some hot sauces

How can you attempt to defeat me

when your style stinks like you been drenched in the feces?

see you ain't got a tenth of the CC (Cranial Capacity)

man, I'm flowing like the depths of a deep sea

I'm going to inject coronavirus

into your throat and iris

then I'm going to go behind with

a knife then your anus is cut open by it

then I am going to inject sodium fluoride into your toes and sinus

then I am going to let a syringe full of mercury poke your eyelids

shoutoutloud(4302) Clarified
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You think this is my first time, darling... you don't know your shit

It's not my second or my third, so get ready to get hit

Im not scared of your rhythmless rant, it's like figthing an ant

Ill just stomp on you once and your gone bye bye

and with that confidence of yours the gods go "aye-aye-aye"

If rhymes were food, then guess yours would be canned

an ache for the eyes more forced than timbaland.

Your weapon of choice... what a virus? Honey Im more scared of miley cyrus.