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I couldn't vote for a leftist if I lived 10 trillion years

Me neither

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But my feelings bront

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The people who vote for Leftist's have absolutely no moral foundation.

They gleefully flip flop on every issue as soon as Democrats and fake news tells them to.

Do you remember when these Liberals told us no one is forced to pay for abortions because of the Hyde Amendment?

Now since the Democrat Party wants to end the Hyde Amendment, these same Liberals flip flop and will still vote for these extremist control fanatics.

Do you remember when Liberals did not want Boys and Men, who think they are girls, in women's sports? The Democrat Party just tried to pass a Bill forcing every public school to allow boys in our daughter's sports!

These same Liberals will gladly vote for these extremists.

Do you remember when Liberals told us they do not support unrestricted late term abortions of viable babies?

The Democrat Party has gone off the deep end, supporting the extreme abortion agendas from radical pro abortion groups, making it legal to kill viable babies for any reason, and these phonies will gleefully vote for them.

As God said, non believers will drift with the wind, having no moral foundation to discern right from wrong.

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AveSatanas(4442) Disputed
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Public opinion changes over time. Youre just describing social change. Hey guess what has happened every single year since the dawn of humanity? Social change.

Republicans used to make the argument that public funds are going toward abortions. Leftists would then counter that by saying the Hyde amendment prevents that. Which is true and is still true.

TODAY things have CHANGED. Society has progressed and now a majority of people, at least on the left, have no problem with public funds going toward abortion services. That is the new position that the left has moved to. You are free to disagree with that. You are free to argue against that and run on pro-life policies and try to win elections. Thats fine.

Why do you think things dont change over time? Thats kind-of what liberalism IS. It changes, it progresses, it reexamines its beliefs and evolves with the times. Yes liberals used to believe that tobacco was healthy for you. Because EVERYONE at that time believed tobacco was healthy for you. That doesnt mean liberals have "flip flopped" on the health effects of tobacco.

The same with trans people. Yes liberals used to be anti trans people. Because EVERYONE in society was anti trans. The stance on trans rights didnt use to be a point of disagreement for the left and right. NOW it is. Because people change, the world changes, society changes.

People die out and new generations rise to power. The liberals of 1930 set the benchmark for what liberalism "IS". But they are dead and gone now. So the liberals of TODAY now get to decide what liberalism is. The same has occurred in the republican party too. Beliefs and issues and stances change over time.

Youre trying to hypocrisy-burn an entire side of the political spectrum and it doesnt work that way. If a single person says today "i will never drink alcohol ever again" and then tomorrow they have a beer they are a hypocrite. They have contradicted their declared stance.

But a political school of thought and a political party doesnt change in that way.

For example, Barack Obama became president and became the leader of the democratic party. He pushed an individual mandate healthcare system. So the individual mandate became the official healthcare stance of the democratic party.

Today we have people running for president who want medicare for all instead. Medicare for all is now the official healthcare stance of the democratic party.

Does that mean the democratic party is hypocritical? NO! Obama and the current democratic candidates are NOT THE SAME PERSON. They are different people with competing ideas about what is right and wrong. People disagree WITHIN the parties and pull them to the left or right on a smaller scale and you just refuse to acknowledge that.

If Rand Paul rose to power in the republican party and legalized marijuana does that mean the republican party and mitch mcconnel are hypocrites? No. Because it wasnt their idea. They didnt flip flop on their own ideas, the party had its official position changed by an external force.

"Do you remember when liberals told us they do not support the unrestricted late term abortions of viable babies?"

I remember the present day where that is still the case. There is massive contention within the democratic party and the left as a whole on this issue. Just because a couple democratic representatives came up with policies for late term abortion doesnt mean that the entire party and the entire side of the political spectrum is on board with it.

I can do this same thing to you. "I remember when republicans said they wanted to protect due process and gun rights. Now they wanna pass red flag laws".

That is the same thing you just did to me.

Im sure that YOU and many republicans ive spoken to do not support trumps idea for red flag laws and other gun control. Trump does not speak for every republican on this issue right? Thats the same for abortion on the left. Dont attribute the beliefs of certain elected officials to over 160 million people.

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FromWithin(8240) Disputed
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What you and many on the Left do is to insult and ridicule Conservatives for speaking the truth of what the Left truly stands for, LONG before they will ever admit it.

You and others attacked me for telling the truth of what your deceptive Party actually stood for behind closed doors.

It's obvious how phony those on the Left are. They constantly deceive people by saying they are for or against something, when they know it is a lie.

Obama said he was against Gay marriage just before he got elected. He knew that being Pro Gay marriage might cost him the election, so he pretended to be against it. PHONY!

He instantly changed his toon after getting elected. That's not Progress, that's a deceptive Politician.

These same lying Democrats have told us time and time again how their goals are not to take our guns. The same way that Obama lied about Gay marriage, they lie about their true goals of taking our guns.

When the time is right, they will come out of the closet as with every other phony stance. They are coming out of the closet once more while people like you insult us for telling the truth!

Some of the Democrat Presidential candidates are already telling us they want to take our semi automatic hunting rifles.

You say it is simply changing times. I say HOGWASH! They know exactly what they stand for but refuse to be honest with the people.

It is not called Progress when politicians lie to the people. It's called corruption!

You have got to be kidding me when you sit there still denying how the vast vast majority of Democrats support No Restriction abortions every time they elect those who tell us they will keep it legal. GIVE ME A BREAK!


Almost the entire Democrat Congress supports killing viable babies for any reason!

When you elect them, you might as well be killing those viable babies yourself.

Try being honest whith what you support just once in your denying life.

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FromWithin(8240) Disputed
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You sit there calling it Progress when the Democrat Party now supports getting rid of the Hyde amendment. It is barbaric to force pro life people to pay to kill babies. This is the arrogance of Liberals! You are truly fanatical control freaks with absoluely no respect or tolerance for those who do not agree with you.

In your extreme Progressive mind, have you ever looked at the break down in our culture, and admitted how your so called Progressive change is destroying families, which is NOT a good thing!

Not all change is good change. Good nation have become evil nations and intelligent people grounded in moral values can see it coming.

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FromWithin(8240) Disputed
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As always, you misrepresent what Conservatives say about Transgenderism.

We could not care less what people do in their own lives.



You hypocrites would be the first one's screaming if Christian evangelists were going into public schools indoctrinating your children.

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I couldn't vote for a leftist if I lived 10 trillion years

It's lucky for us that you don't understand how many people flock to the left every time you open your stupid lying mouth.

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outlaw60(15368) Disputed
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YEAH LIMEY everybody loves them some SOCIALISM now that is a winning plan !!!!!!! ROTFFLMMFAO !!!!!!!!!!!

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Bootstrap(226) Disputed
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YEAH LIMEY everybody loves them some SOCIALISM now that is a winning plan !!!!!!! ROTFFLMMFAO !!

Yeah, I much prefer gaping inequality, homelessness, political corruption and being used as a workhorse to make somebody else rich. Good one.

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To do that, you would have to have "everlasting life". You are to much of a sinner to get that, so, don't worry about it.

On the other hand, Jesus was a long haired, bleeding heart, anti-establishment liberal hippie freak with strange ideas (to a conservative ;-), so, you have nothing to worry about. You can forget about 10 trillion years. You and I will be stardust by then, and hopefully, anyone LEFT will be more, um …. correct, than YOU are. ;-)

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outlaw60(15368) Disputed
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SOCIALIST do the MOOSLIMES you support not think they get 72 virgins when they die ?

You IDIOTS have a real hard time with the MOOSLIME faith now don't ya LEFTIST !

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AlofRI(3293) Clarified
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As a democracy-loving atheist I can't answer for a socialist, but, I think the concept of 72 virgins is almost (actually JUST), as stupid as the concept of "everlasting life". 72 virgins will amuse one for one to three months out of "eternity" (SUPER STUPID!!!). To quote a distant acquaintance of mine …. LMMFAO!

I have a hard time with ALL religion based faiths, not just them Mooses you refer to.

"When one person suffers from a delusion it's called "insanity'. When MANY suffer from delusion, it's called "religion"." -Robert Persig-

I can see why you are worried about gun laws …. even those based on mental problems … they ALL cramp YOUR style! ;-)

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