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 I don't hate Jesus, I love Him. (7)

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I don't hate Jesus, I love Him.

Jesus is the ONLY Person I can trust completely. He knows I don't mean what I have said in the past, and some day, when I meet Him, everything will be perfect, no suffering or hate allowed. I don't have all the answers, I just have THE Answer, and His name is Yeshua, or Jesus. Jesus loves you, but gives you the choice to accept Him or not.
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You made a debate I can agree with. Congrats!.........................................................

Rhyme(125) Disputed
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You say it like it's in an accomplishment

really it's a sign this debate is a crock of shit

you incompetent

thoughtless foppish git

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Thank you. I know I'm not the best, but if you dig deeper, we probably agree at least on many religious issues, like Jesus having the right to be worshipped.

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I have nothing against Jesus, at least the Jesus I've heard stories about. We need all the liberals we can get! We need a man like Jesus NOW! (And we could use a Teddy Roosevelt too! ;-)

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Jesus is not the answer, belief in him is the cancer .

Redeemed(1422) Disputed
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Jesus saved my life, hun. Whether you accept or reject Him, know that He loves you.

Rhyme(125) Disputed
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I am extensively exemplary of fucked up mentally, I'll twist and implement a squeez upon your nips relentlessly