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 I don't know who Mors777 is. (20)

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I don't know who Mors777 is.

For all those people who think Mors777 is me it is not. I don't know the password to that account.  Stop thinking it is me. I have no control over that account. My symbol is the autbot symbol and Mors777 is the decepticon symbol. It is different. Also the last time I Mors777 went online it was 2 hrs ago. I was still sleeping and in my bed. I only wake up around 6 and go to school at 7.

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Mors777 sounds like a totally unique dude to me! Long live Mors777!!!!!

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I have no idea who Srom is, I got the name Mors from Inspector Morse on TV.

Dremorius(861) Disputed
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Then where is the E? E is the most used letter in the English Alphabet you know!

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It still doesn't explain the transformers logo which is very similar.

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Mors is srom backwards......

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I believe you that you go the name from inspector Morse on Tv.

I believe him too because that actually makes alot of sense if you really think about it

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Well that's me convinced anyway, sorry for doubting .

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Does anybody here really give a shit?

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Nope. But I am relieved now that I know how srom gets so many up-votes on his Christianity comments.

For a second there I thought it was real people agreeing with him.

If it is not your account, why do you continue to feed the fuel to the fire to these idiots.

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What kind of messed up publicity stunt is this? Get of the front page!

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I believe srom if he says he doesn't have multiple accounts then he doesn't have multiple accounts. While you can't see his face you can't tell whether he's lying or not. Now does it really matter if he does have multiple accounts. Which I doubt he does since he's christian and christians shouldn't lie.