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What the hell! Screw you!
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I guess I'll start re-doing all my old debates... if no one minds?

What the hell!

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Screw you!

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I'm running out of ideas here...

Side: What the hell!
Mingiwuwu(1467) Disputed
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You never had any good ones to begin with.

Side: Screw you!
Hellno(17759) Disputed
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Well, you sure did your fair share of participatin'.

Side: What the hell!
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Carry on because the Confused Progressives are too concerned about a Porn Star to push them to a false finish line.

Side: What the hell!
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While I am not sure if she needs more to eat...though there are studies which say the more you weigh the more you desire to eat, but she does need to keep her free speech rights to her own world and not hide behind an institution of education. I say fire the hate speech orca.

Side: Screw you!