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I have a question

Would the police bother me if I were to be walking by myself at 2 am. If you need to know I'm 14 and live in a mid sized city in ohio.

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whats your ethnicity? .

Yes, just pure yes.

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i hate to admit it, but that might be true.

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btw, just space ethnicity. you won't have to go on with that spaces-fullstop. just go your-spaces-ethnicity. ;)

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You're not breaking the law i don't believe, unless under-agers have a curfew.

They legally can't do anything. The key word is legally because cops seem to do what they want.

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If I'm not mistaken... US has a curfew. I know my state does for drivers with a restricted drivers license. When I had a restricted I broke my curfew all the time. One day, I went into a park and there was a road block set up. The woman checked my insurance and such and I heard her go to the other officer and she said something about me and 11 'o clock. It only took me a few minutes to know what she was saying. Even though she didn't warn me about the curfew she told the other cop if I'm not out of there by 11 that I was breaking curfew. Needless to say, I got out of their quick.

After that I went and got an unrestricted license.

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I hope so, you might need help.

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Of course they would. if they're out and about t 2am and they see some kid walking by, they're gonna be bored enough to approach you. As long as you have money on you though, prove you' re not homeless, then you're fine and they wont take you in ;)

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its kind of part of their job, to make sure no harm is done to anybody. and the only way they can assure it is by preventing anybody from walking down to find trouble.

i'm not saying you'd find trouble necessarily. but the chances are high. at 2 am in the night, not many people would be out to protect you if some random drunk guy points a knife at you and asks you to hand over your money.

so, in general, the police would obviously interfere when they see you walking down the street at 2 am. they wouldn't take you in, but they'd make sure to escort you back home and make sure to tell your parents of your nightly trips.

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Defiantly unless you live in some crappy neighborhood (then again they most likely would be keeping an eye on that neighborhood if they are a good police department). They would most likely mess with anyone walking at the time. But since your only 14, you are basically breaking curfew and they would have to stop you.

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its unusual for a person to walk on the street at 2am the police might ask you a question or two :)

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It depends on the law of your town. I don't know about Ohio, but where I live the curfew for anyone who even looks like a minor is midnight. After midnight, young looking people will be questioned and asked for an I.D.