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I have to admit.....

CD is getting overly boring. It's filling up with trash debates that TheMask and I are creating to get back at each other. It's all a big cycle. He gets mad and says something about me or Mingiwuwu. I want to stand up for us. I create a trash debate to get back at him. He gets mad and creates a debate about me or Mingiwuwu. Then it all starts again. If you don't like CD because if these trash debates, tell me. And tell me how y'all feel about this debate. 
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We should all just calm down and start making good debates.

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You're both so obsessed with each other one could be forgiven for thinking, or assuming that the two alter-egos are one of the same.

Multi-personality schizophrenia takes many forms.

Your Undertale character tries to mask his/her identity by the overuse of misspelling and poor grammar.

The giveaway title of this thread is a classic example of the old adage;-

''self praise is no recommendation''.

Undertale(219) Clarified
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Big hands and a small phone are a good combination, let me tell you that. My inccorect spelling is either done on purpose, or accident because my cursed hands are to big to type correctly on this phone. As for my incorrect grammar, I do not care to pay attention to that.

Antrim(1287) Clarified
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You're more or less confirming what I suggested about you willfully misspelling words to contrast with The Mask.

Your grammar is fine and at least as good as mine.

As for your big hands well, I say;- ''may your giving hand never wither'', ha.

Thanks for the response.

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Sometimes you defeat the enemy simply by letting their energy and ammunition amount to nothing and let them hurt others instead since your defence is so superior.

He is here to get under people's skins and rattle everyone to get upset. I am one of the only members who doesn't full-on avoid him but remains totally calm and superior in self-control the entire time (which gets under his skin ins

I've been workin' in the trenches.
outlaw60(15368) Disputed
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You said what you Stupid PROGRESSIVE? Continue your babble so you seem as if you are relevant

outlaw60(15368) Disputed
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Sometimes you defeat the enemy simply by letting their energy and ammunition amount to nothing

Exactly shows who you Progressives are!

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Strategic to the bitter end, damn straight we are.

Inb4 'but you are not all straight Dummy waaaaaa waaaa LGBTQ is Progressive'


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Yes bro quit it, we have to act mature and we should know how to avoid chaos everytime we're insulted. It's a waste of time to respond to people who thinks they're greater than you, then insults you ,then call you names and then ruin your name by creating debates to attack you.


Let it go Let it go if u can"t hold it back anymore.

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I'd like to let go all thus chaos. It is pointless for me to continue the argument, and have it go back and forth.