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 I just had another Climate Change activist judge me for caring about viable babies! (2)

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I just had another Climate Change activist judge me for caring about viable babies!

Democrats always tell us how they can talk and chew gum at the same time. Have you ever wondered why people who are supposedly so concerned over extreme climate, never say a peep while viable unborn babies, who do feel pain, are being dismembered for mere convenience?

Why do you suppose that is? I could have some respect for people who care about ALL innocent life, not just the lives they use to help push their radical Climate Change agendas.
I've used this same analogy in the past for PETA groups who care so much for the plight of animals, while totally ignoring our viable unborn human lives.

When people on the Right see your tunnel vision of concern for political correct issues only, our fake news radar goes off the chart!

Do you want to be taken seriously? Do you want some actual compromise on important issues? Then stop playing the Liberal extremists who seemingly can not talk and chew gum at the same time.

If you can not say a word against these radical Democrats, who have yet to find a viable baby worth saving, then your opinions concerning any issue falls on deaf ears! Any person who is not outraged at viable babies being dismembered for mere convenience, has no place at the table with compassionate caring people fighting the fight for all of humanity, not only those helping you push your agendas.

People on the Right will take Climate Change much more seriously, when the people screaming "THE SKY IS FALLING" are not all partisan Liberals pushing the Left's environmentalist's agendas.

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I will give you an analogy that might get you to understand our hesitancy for believing anything a Democrat has to say...

Let's imagine that Hitler was a very outspoken advocate for Climate Change legislation. I would like to know how seriously you would take him, knowing he supports gassing Jewish people for merely being Jewish.

That is as plain as I can make it. If you can't grasp the reasons why people on the Right are very skeptical of your non stop tunnel vision concerns over Climate Change, then please stop wasting our time.

Not all Scientists agree on all the positions of Climate Change activists.

Many Scientists do not support the argument that the majority of Greenhouse gasses is a result of fossil fuels.

Many Scientits say it is too late for the Climate Change legislation, pushed by the Left, to fix the problem.

We need some common sense compromise to these issues, and it must come from all sides, not just the extremists on the Left.