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I killed Joan Rivers for claiming I was gay & Michelle's a tran

You bastard

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You did

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President Onoma is even worse than president Obama.

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I assume you live in America and don't mind that showing how stupid SOME .. "Americans"(?) are, goes around the world on the internet! We allowed Trump into the "Right" House and you seem to want the world to think ..."Well, no wonder! They're ALL stupid!" I guess that's how the right wing thinks America will get great again. By acting TOTALLY stupid!

I know, to assume makes an ass of u and me. No fair! YOU have a BIG head start!

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OmegaPan(703) Disputed
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Your party is literally allied with far right wing extremism in order to oppose the normal right. Farrakhan, one of Obama's biggest supporters, who has political ties to many Democrats, has said verbatem, "Hitler was a good man". And no Democrat is physically capable of denouncing him.

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AlofRI(3276) Clarified
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As I have said MANY times, there are nuts on BOTH sides ... but NO ONE has as MANY as the radical right.

Tillerson said, verbatim. that the President is a MORON, and NO Democrat would even THINK of denouncing him ... physically or otherwise.

I am like nearly ALL Democrats as I denounce BOTH Hitler AND Farrakhan! :-)

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Surely not. You were busy spying on people illegally like Big Brother, killing people with drones and bragging about it, and weakening our military while you sold the Russians our uranium for absolutely no possible reason than to hurt America.

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