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 I killed puppies once. (60)

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I killed puppies once.

Do you believe it is ever okay to kill puppies or kittens?

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You people who think that this is o.k., are sick, disgusting, inhumane, people. I don't care if your trying to be funny or just being sarcastic.. It's like saying, "Is it o.k. if I killed my parents?" and you replied "No, it's fine and it funny".... You people are sick, I may seem a bit over the top but you cruel, inhumane... you are not even people, should go to jail.. or at least give some community service... I am truly APPALLED.

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Killing animals is a disgusting act of blind cruelty, animals are innocent, they are not capable of malice or deceit, anyone who harms an animal as a means to self gratify is pathetic in every sense of the word. If someones morality allows them to commit such barbarous acts against helpless creatures then that is no morality to which I would ever subscribe, that kind of behaviour is simply depraved, and if I ever bear witness to such an act I will not remain passive, I can assure you.

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If animals are innocent AND not capable of malice or deceit, does this mean that bacteria and trees are also innocent?

What makes something innocent, exactly?

garry77777(1794) Disputed
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Are you disputing whether animals are actually innocent, because you're supporting my argument.

"does this mean that bacteria and trees are also innocent?"

Well, they don't have same kind advanced consciousness of most mamals (or other non-human animals), but to a lesser extent, yes they are.

"What makes something innocent, exactly?"

Well, for me, morality is only applicable to humans, therefore the actions of animals cannot be judged as being moral or immoral - this I beleive makes them innocent.

And the fact that if they are abused they can suffer significant psychological torment/trauma that effectively scars them for life (like all those sad puppy dogs in the dog shelter adverts) only reinforces the depravity associated with their needless/senseless abuse.

It's really more of a judgement on the guy who needs to get his rocks off by torturing a defenseless animal.

"What makes something innocent, exactly?"

No prior knowledge of any kind of morality, or any idea what morality is.

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I would love to completely agree with you on this, but we both know how that would turn out... you telling me I'm completely wrong even though I hold the same position...

Yes I can be rather disagreeable at times, in my defense though the in the case you're referring to I was really just looking for a confrontation, and because you didn't completely agree with me, I decided to pick at that scab.

No you shouldn't and if someone does I hope they get lock up for a while for it because I have zero tolerance for animal abuse!

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If you killed any type of animal that didnt harm you , you must be mentally retarded .

Because I'm sure you would like it if I came up to you and siad " Oh look , a stupid human " and killed you . Or your child .

Thats what it is like to kill animals . Dont be stupid .

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I am not completely opposed to murder. I mean, I realize that it goes against my philosophy of life and of politics, but I find it hard to value something - anything - of which there are so many billions of substitutes. It isn't like I'm going to go out and kill a person, but I just don't view it as being as heinous as most people. Puppies, or dogs, are of far, far less consequence than a human, so let's try to explain it this way: if you and I were acquaintances, then you were to tell me that you had once killed a puppy for fun, I would not hold it against you. Just so long as you keep away from my pets.

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"if you and I were acquaintances, then you were to tell me that you had once killed a puppy for fun, I would not hold it against you."

Somehow I doubt your sincerity, any person who commits such acts against helpless creatures is a stones throw from doing lifewise to humans, not holding it against him would be idiotic in my opinion.

Liber(1730) Disputed
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Somehow I doubt your sincerity,

Doubt it all you want. I've known plenty of weird people in my time, ranging from extremely friendly, teetotalers to violent, rather depraved druggies. I make little distinction between them. I couldn't care less what others do by themselves.

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Congratulations, you've completed your first step towards becoming a serial killer.

Yes, you do indeed need sanity....................................................

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You mean person!!!! The puppies you killed will haunt you now!!! XD lol I don't beleive in ghost :)

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You mean person!!!! The puppies you killed will haunt you now!!! XD lol I don't beleive in ghost :)

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It all boils down to circumstance. If, the puppies, kittens, dogs cats e.t.c were in a vast amount of pain, then killing them would be for the better. Ce pendant, if you simply did not like animals, then killing them would not be the right way of disposing of them. And it is also a matter of how. If you give a quick bash to the back of the head, and its over. If however, you start hacking at their throats with a blunt knife, that is wrong.

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Is this some sort of sick sick joke because that was not funny.

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It's fucking hilarious .

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Hmm, it appears 2 people can't understand sarcasm .

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theres an up vote for ya chuck! .