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I'm Really Worried That It's Happening Again. Trump Has Brought Nazism To The US

Americans need to educate themselves about the rise of the Nazis. The infamous slur used by the Nazis against the German press (and more generally, the German left) "Lugenpresse", literally translates to "fake news" in English.

You have a man who is literally copying the Nazi Party, copying their mass disinformation campaigns and copying their vicious rhetoric against the left.

When are you guys going to get it? I don't want to wake up in an oven because people are too scared, too confused or too self-interested to stop these evil bastards.


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I'm Really Worried That It's Happening Again. Trump Has Brought Nazism To The US

Actually the left brought Nazism to the US. David Duke is praising Ilhan Omar for hating Jews, and Jason Kessler voted for Obama twice before starting a Neo Nazi parade in Charlottesville.

No one hates Jews better than a leftist.

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seanB(951) Disputed
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You really are stupid.

Nazism is literally a right wing ideology. So you are saying "leftists brought rightism".


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You really are stupid.

He is, but he isn't that stupid. He knows full well that the Nazis were exactly where he is on the spectrum (i.e. extreme far right). Bronto's issue is more about the fact that he's a liar of absolutely spectacular magnitude. He doesn't simply lie like ordinary people lie (i.e. as in, start with an element of truth and embellish it), he literally turns the truth upside down. Whatever is black he will tell you is white. He has quite evidently read Mein Kampf and knows all about Hitler's "big lie" tactic. Hell, he probably has the thing on his iphone library.

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No he isn't, you are, a liar. He never said that, so you are guilty, of the strawman fallacy.

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Hello, Nom. How are you?..........................................................................................................

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