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I'm Sorry For Being Mean To Dana

She's a lunatic and her arguments are invariably riddled with falsehood and fallacy, but she isn't usually rude to me. I however, am often extremely rude back to her.

I think I am wrong to react like this. Maybe I should work on controlling my temper. I'm afraid I just seem to have some kind of acquired zero tolerance to bullshit. When I have to waste time arguing back against bullshit I get angry and frustrated.

Although, that said, I don't have to waste time arguing back, do I? I could just ignore it. So I guess not being able to ignore bullshit is also a problem of mine!! 😆

Anyway, sorry Dana. 


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Aw that's nice.

It's important to pick and choose your battles and regardless of how much she and I disagree on things, I hope she is able to find peace and be happy.

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Cool. My respect for you just went up ;)

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She is cross with me. I don't think Yeshua loves me anymore.


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She'll come around ;)

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Yea He does. Love is not dependent on emotion, it ia a choice, not a feeling. Do you think Yeshua felt like being on the Cross, but He did it anyway, for you, and for me. Yeshua loves, you.

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With you, that probably, had a double meaning, ha ha. ;).....................................................................................................................................

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No double meaning. If he meant it, I meant it ;)

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"We've forgotten what respect is."??? ....... "I'm sorry for being mean to Dana"???

I must be on the wrong site! Or maybe it's just that, as The John slowly, (VERY SLOWLY), drifts off into the twilight of insanity, the world is coming back to sanity??? THAT WOULD be nice. Now, if we could rid ourselves of the OTHER disease ...... :-)

I've always felt sorry for Dana because I have 4 daughters. Yeah, sometimes she's gone off the deep end (seems she's ALWAYS up to her neck ;-), but, she IS somebody's daughter. I hope being in a "post Trump world" helps. She'll have only HALF the problems to deal with. :-)

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Well..., that didn't last long ;)

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Well..., that didn't last long

Yeah, I changed my mind. I absolutely cannot stand her. It is fairly evident that the only person she cares about is herself and she couldn't care less who has to get hurt in order for her to get her own way. All the while pretending to have Christian values. It's vile. Each day which passes she gets more like FoamWithin, who is an equally retarded crackpot that wants to lock women up and force them to have kids.

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Oh well... ;)

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You can't have been too sorry considering you lead into an apology by calling Dana a fallacious lunatic.

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LoL ;)

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