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 I'm back bitches! (7)

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I'm back bitches!

I faked that I was 7 on this website, well I was actually 12 the whole entire time. You guys were just insensitive enough to still not do much about child suicide. Really cunts? Well, after a couple years, I bet you guys changed from that and all the trolls like Hellno, instig8or, and slapshot has been banned. If not, well, fuck off.
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I'm sure that people would appreciate you more if you would just "ACT YOUR REAL AGE", and grow up.

Oh, and I was Corruption. There's that, too. Better reactions to corrupted text troll than this one.

I wouldn't say this shit either.

"Hellno said:

Lol, yeah I'll remove it

WeeklyManner said:

Actually, no. I'm an actual kid and not a hater."

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Welcome back to this glorified chat room.

Hey, when you go to sit on your toilet each morning do you greet it with "I'm back b!tch"? Because it's kind of the same thing.

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Well, guess what I'm 12 to. And you shouldn't be tricking people like that you could get hurt.

WeeklyManner(129) Clarified
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A year ago, I pretended to be younger than usual and started saying I want to kill myself. They all didn't do anything.

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You came back after a year just to tell us that? You must have a lot of time on your hands.