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I’m going to surround myself with only the best and most serious people.


What does Trump have to say about them now?

REX TILLERSON – “Dumb as a rock.”

JOHN KELLY – “No temperament” “He got eaten alive” “Unable to handle the pressure of the job.”

ANTHONY SCARAMUCCI – “Highly unstable nut job” “A fool” “Abused staff.”

MARK ESPER – “Weak and totally ineffective.” “A lightweight.”

REINCE PREIBUS – “Weak” “A disgrace”

JEFF SESSIONS – “Weak and ineffective” “Dumb southerner” “Mentally retarded” “Disgraceful” “Scared stiff” “Idiot” “Mr Magoo”

STEVE BANNON – “Sloppy Steve cried when he got fired and begged for his job. Now sloppy Steve has been dumped like a dog.”

JIM MATTIS – “world’s most Overrated General.”

BILL BARR – “Never had the energy or the competence to do the job.” “Slow and boring.”

TOM PRINCE – “Disappointing” “I’m not happy.”

MICK MULVANEY – “F*cked it all up.”

JOHN BOLTON – “Washed up” “Disgruntled boring old fool” “Never had a clue.” “Dope” “Liar”

KIRSTJEN NIELSEN – “Too short” “Didn’t look the part” “Not tough enough.”

MICHAEL COHEN – “not very smart”

BILL BARR – a coward, “afraid of being impeached”

OMAROSA MANIGAULT NEWMAN – ” a crazed, crying lowlife” “a dog”

GARY COHN – “I could tell you stories about him like you wouldn’t believe”

WILBUR ROSS – “past his prime”

DAN COATS – “Mister Rogers” “Perhaps Intelligence should go back to school!”


Bwa, ha ha ha ha

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Snicker, snicker

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