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I'm not racist


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Not racist

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Skip to 3:10 and watch the black guy slay the white gay to shreds.

He set the entire thing up to reverse-mock the people mocking BLM. ;)

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All definitions courtesy of Merriam Webster

Racism- "racial prejudice or discrimination"

prejudice- "preconceived judgment or opinion"

Discrimination- "the act of making or perceiving a difference"

Race- "a category of humankind that shares certain distinctive physical traits"

Believing in race is clearly racist.

Also, if discrimination based on race is illegal, why do they collect this information on government forms?

Because all ya'll racists are half asleep.

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• Democrats support no restriction abortions!

• ...but her emails!

• Hogwash!

• Jesus love're going to burn in hell!

• You fools!

• You spew lies and deception as always!

• Anti-Christian bigots!

• Republicans can do no wrong!

• Democrats can do no right!

• I masturbate to Donald Trump!



• I'm the ultimate troll!

• Check out how I trolled so-in-so!

• Aren't I cool for having no life.

• I live in my mom's basement.

-Brontoraptor and Prodigee

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Racists would say I'm in an interracial marriage.

Maybe ya'll are just incestuous or something. We have different color skin, so what? The haters can fuck off. We are not traitors to our "race". People who think in terms of race are the reason why there is racism.

Hair color, skin color, what does it matter? We're all people. There is no point in letting these petty things get between us.

Combating racism with more racism is not ever going to work.

What about Dr. King when he dreamed that people would be judged based on their merits rather than the color of their skin?

You racists still got a lot to learn. That even goes to you people who think that the color of your skin automatically means you can't be racist. That's a good one right there. Easily the most racist hock of bull I've actually heard people seriously profess to believe.

Yeah, systematic racism is real. It's real because ya'll are racist.

Stop thinking in terms of race. It's being used as a tool by the man to keep us down.

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As one human to another, I wish goodness on your relationship.

There's a lot of truth in your post. I'm in total agreement here.

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