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 I'm out of here. (9)

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I'm out of here.

I have decided to leave this site. I have come to the conclusion that it's a colossal waste of my time. There are only a few dozen regulars on here, and most them are so set in their beliefs that there is no room for debate. There are better ways to spend my time. Like cleaning my bathroom. At least that's something useful. So goodbye. I'd say it's been fun, but I'd be lying.
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Thank fucking God, don't come back .

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As one of the site's more rational and well grounded participants it is regretful that you have decided to leave.

I feel you are leaving for the wrong reasons and have succumbed to the relentless negative onslaught of some of the forum's lewd, low life agitators.

Try hanging around a little longer and persevere engaging in lucid discourse with like minded players and, metaphorically cut away the deadwood of trolls such as Nom and his army of alts.

Anyway, whatever your decision, good luck and God Bless.

I'm out of here

Nice to meet you. I am Brontoraptor.

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Best of luck with your future endeavors .

MasterYoda(224) Disputed
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Debate Island is full of robotic debaters and fake, plastic people trying to act stiff and intellectual. They are the type of people who wear a monocle, smoke fine cigars and speak with a british accent on the internet but IRL they are fat and wear a wife beater covered in ketchup stains and armpit grease.

This site is kinda waste of time. Same trolls calling names. Very juvenile. I’m on a lot now

1 point takes you to some insurance site. Clown.

MasterYoda(224) Clarified
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I’m on

Which one? .

I've been trying to get people to start banning the vulgar fools who spend all their time spewing hatred against Christians, Jews, Conservatives, Trump, etc.

You are the reasons I'm trying to wake people up to the damage these hateful fools do to a debate site.

I would suggest creating a ban list and voila, NO HATEFUL BIGOTS on your debates. If all the rational debaters followed suit, these bigots would have no place to spew their hatred. They would either have to change or leave.

Why should you leave?