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 I made the past statement that the push for forced Transgender laws would be next & it is. (17)

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I made the past statement that the push for forced Transgender laws would be next & it is.

I mentioned a year ago that we would now start seeing non stop indoctrination in this nation for transgender awareness and the forcing of transgender laws on every state. The same way as we saw with Gay marriage. If ever the slippery slope was so clear to see, it is now. We now even have left wing corporations pushing this Trangender indoctrination onto states by saying they will refuse to do business in states that prevent a man(who says he is a woman) to go into women's rest rooms, lockers rooms, etc. THIS IS INSANITY! Where is the privacy for women from weird men who simply will claim to be women to get in a woman's locker room. How could you ever prove what a man is or is not?

Where will it stop? Will the next political correct group with unnatural abnormal sexual orientations be pedophiles? They also say they are born that way so when will the Left start the drum beats of how it is not unnatural if they are born that way, so lets change the laws. Will the next big push be for men who want to marry consenting children? Will the Left in all their dysfunction start reducing the severity of prison sentences since it was not the pedophile's fault when they were attracted to those children. They were just doing what they were programmed to do right?

This is the type of insanity we have been watching for decades now from the Left.
Thanks to the political correct lunacy pushed by the Left, we as a  nation have become intolerant to the natural normal order of things. The Left so fears the one being offended, the masses must lose their freedoms to privacy from such unnatural dysfunction. They can no longer state the obvious and protect women in the privacy of their own restrooms, etc.

News flash, we have many people in this life who may have been born with all sorts of dysfunction. A loving compassinate nation will show all people respect and caring, no matter their dysfunction, but that does not mean we change our laws to sanction it as natural and normal. It is not!

I truly believe the fixation from the Left for all these unatural things is an attack on our Christian heritage and the natural order of things. These control fanatics on the Left would force your children in public schools to be indoctrinated with issues of unnatural sexual orientations, but if the school dared exposed the children to a prayer(with no child forced to pray) the Left would SCREAM! If a public school dared have a Christmas pageant, or Easter pageant, the Left would scream, all under the lie of separation of church and state.

Funny how they want no separation of unnatural sexual orientations from our impressionable children. It's a pure double standard of how only the Left gets to indoctrinate our children with political correct lunacy, and censor any other speech or diverse thought that goes against their PC transformed America.
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Hellno(17760) Banned
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You should be all for this since you're transgender... At least your personality is, part dick, part pussy.

Hellno(17760) Banned
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P.S. you forgot to ban me. Hahahaha!

Is there a question we're supposed to answer here?

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The law says to use the restroom that corresponds to one's birth certificate. Thus, by that wording, transgender people who have reassignment surgery would be legally required to use the bathroom opposite of their current sex, which would make everyone uncomfortable. It was a poorly worded law.

First off let me get this straight: transgender women are not men! They are women! Also transgender men are not women, they are men!!! The vast majority of the time you can't even tell they are trans. MockHeadShot.png

These are women clearly. Anyone who thinks they are men is delusional at best and idiotic at worst. Can you honestly imagine people like these walking in to the MEN'S toilets??! Can you imagine the uproar, confusion and drama that would cause? How awkward that would be?

Or imagine this person in the ladies?

The fact is you can't expect the girls to pee with the guys or vice versa.

Secondly the fact that you compare gay and trans/ gender diverse people to pedophiles is absolutely disgusting.

FromWithin(8234) Disputed
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Like a broken record, you and all Gay activists will scream we are comparing pedophiles to gays if we dare mention what pedophiles are doing. I NEVERED COMPARED THE TWO GROUPS!

I said in this slipery slope lunacy, pedophiles who say they are born that way will start getting sympthy and the Left will start changing laws to be more tolerant to them.

Only in your insecure world was I comparing it to Homosexuality. We have many unnatural sexual orientations. To speak of one does not make it the same as others.

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I see you have completely ignored the part of my argument addressing why transgender people should be able to use the toilets of their adopted gender. Disappointing however entirely predictable.

It's the slippery slope concept in action, next it will be bestiality that the left will champion. After all, a man and his sheep need to be protected. Bah ah ah ah ah!

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I don't have time to read this. Stop making these long debates.


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The opposite sides of this issue are both always pushing for their own side. That's how politics works. It just so happens that at the present time your side is losing - badly. And I predict eventually your side will be overwhelmed on quite the variety of conservative battle topics you hold dear.

Welcome to the modern age.

Insert ban here.

FromWithin(8234) Disputed
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Yes, it's called the slippery slope and there is no stoppng it unless this nation gets back to our traditional sanity. There are such things as normalcy that this nation once lifted as being good for all of society. Not insulting and ridiculing the abnormal, but also not blurring the lines between normal and abnormal.

You see, I agree with all those who simply want to be respected as human beings, and not be bullied and ridiculed for looking or sounding different. This was how it all started but as with everything the Left touches, they turned it into an agenda whereby the political correct(who vote for Democrats) should be sanctioned as normal no matter how abnormal it is. The Left has lost all common sense and natural wisdom for the power to push their Liberal ideology.

So we went far past the point of agreement between both sides of how every person deserves to be treated with respect. The activists and those on the Left wanted to push it in people's faces as being absolutely normal and deservng of the same marriage laws, etc. etc. and in doing so turning our culture totally upside down. They want to sanction any unnatural orientation as being completely normal. They go so far as to introduce their indoctrintion into our public schools to condition our children to the PC way of thinking.

This is why the Right fights these activists so hard. It's the slippery slope! We respect all people but when you start conditioning our children to your unnatural ideas of normalcy, we fight back.

The Left is truly intolerant of any dissagreements with their PC ideology. They will force their beliefs through the courts and is why they appoint activist judges.

We know full well the slippery slope with our gun rights as well.