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 I miss those debaters from the past.... :( (12)

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I miss those debaters from the past.... :(


Post the debaters from the past that you miss...
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Cartman is still here and posts all the time. Srom pops in every once in a while, but he is definitely a lot less active than he used to be.

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And you can find SROM on Tweeter ;)

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Yes, you can! :)

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Part of the reason I'm not on much is because I'm not really interested in debating, and I used to think it was fun, but not so much anymore. I know years back I actually did enjoy it, but now I feel burnt out. I also busy with my life.

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Plus you spend a lot of time gaming and working in the berry fields.

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How is Cartman a "debater from the past"? Are you suggesting he's a time traveling debater?

I will miss these guys dearly..... They were sort of my seniors and allies when I had just started out on this website.

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Oh wow, I made the list. Thanks! I'm sorry I'm not on often. It's just I have no motivation to really get on, and debate. I used to debate a couple of years ago a lot, and I loved it, but now I'll chime in every so often or whenever I feel like it. I'm also busy with my life.

People I miss:




Thanks for sharing.... I am sort of feeling the same way as you are.... Debating on this site is getting more and more boring

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Yeah, I miss Silas. TheThinker was on just a few days ago.