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 I need help with a project. (10)

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I need help with a project.

I am trying to find out when the human fetus has brainwaves. That is when I believe that life begins. Please post a link that can inform me. I keep hearing conflicting reports. Some people say 6 weeks after fertilization, some say 12, and others say 24.

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2 points When doesthehumanfetushavebrain_waves

Did you forget that you had already posted this debate? SPAMMER.

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No, I remember. I just posted this because no one posted links. I was afraid to askk for proof because I thought people would be angry with me. Thank you, Doctor Atrag.

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Links actually were posted. The article I pointed out explained that brainwaves are in fact not related to when life beings and ends. I can find you more specific examples, but can you explain why you think this is significant information?

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Its 6 weeks from blastocyst forming i'm sure its 6 exactly

Sorry, this site is not for homework.------------------------------------------

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I am not doing homework. I am newly prochoice, and I believe that life begins with the first brainwaves. Excuse me for wanting to learn the facts.