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I self identify as Jewish, so am I Jewish?


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If you had a DNA test that said you were 97% Ashkenazi Jewish, would you believe it, or some Jew hater on the internet??


PS> Look. I’m a Jewish warrior. Why do you think we’ve been around for thousands of years longer than you? That’s because we don’t give up. We never give up. That’s why God has chosen us, and that really pisses you off doesn’t it?

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No. According to the words of the Torah you must:

A) Believe in everything in the Torah

B) Follow all of Yaweh's commandments

C) Be a Hebrew Israelite.

-In order to be a Jew. Simply identifying as a Jew or having traces Hebrew DNA (Pure Hebrew blood technically doesn't exist, all "Jews" nowadays come from converts or at best have small traces of DNA from the actual historical Hebrew tribes. For example, Ashkenazi Jews have traces of Hebrew but are mostly european) does not qualify you as one of what would be called "God's chosen people" according to strict canonical Torah scripture which excon dismisses because he's a gay fag.

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So, another Excon fanboy.

He's in your head.

He's more in your head than you are.

Now you'll be convinced that I'm him - because he's in your head.

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