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True joey, you're so weird
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I think I figured out why I don't care about anything and poke fun at everything


It turns out I may be suffering from Generation-X syndrome.

Basically that means that I have to deal with baby boomers in real life and Generation-Y on CD ;)


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joey, you're so weird

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Why are children so obessed with being different from their parents? is heritage that bad?

I personally think america's to blame, when Rome was the superpower they taught the world to be civilized, when Britain was the global superpower they taught the world to be even more civilized.

America then snatches the position of top dog and use their media to talk nonsense into the next generation.

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Oh, Joe :) Was this debate a poorly concealed plea for help as you struggle to deal with such problems as the failing economy, crippling mortgages, messed up kids that you no longer love but still have to deal with? Are you experiencing symptoms like detachment from the world and resentment towards strangers who have in no way impacted upon your life? Is every morning like crossing an infinite void, getting whipped by the leather of purposelessness, on burning coals of existentialism?

Well, suffer no more! Why not try a mid life crisis? There's so much variety to choose from, and the psychological consequences are trivial in comparison to the money/assets you'll lose! You'll just need to make a one time cash payment...

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But...., I already had a midlife crisis....., in my 30's ;)

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No you do not poke fun at everything.

You're as aggressive and bolshie as everyone else when your button is pressed.

I tested your claim a while back and you fell on your mouth and teeth at the first hurdle.

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