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White muslims exist White jews aren't hebrews
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I took a DNA turns out I'm 97% Muslim

White muslims exist

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White jews aren't hebrews

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Muslim isn't a race. It's a religion..................................................

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Solo...yeah, mate....I'm gonna have to call bullshit on you.

Main reason being, Muslim is not an ethnicity or race. Its a religion.

You need to do a bit more research before you try to bullshit us.


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You might ought to check your pants. I smell bullshit. Nevemind. It is your breath. Take a mint for Christ's sake.

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Turns out the response I gave to Excon mostly works for you too with just a couple words replaced...

I'll start by saying if you're telling the truth then clearly you're right.

But then again consider:

1) Your DNA tester may have never done the tests and just faked the results just like Annie Dookhan did with drug crime evidence. Hey, it's possible.

2) Maybe your sample was contaminated at the time it was taken. Saliva could contain someone else's DNA if you take it right after French kissing a person 97% (Muslim). Hair samples might come from them if you collect it during reach around sex.

3) It could be a practical joke. Maybe some White Supremacist at the testing lab is laughing his @ss off because he knows he tricked you into believing you're a (Muslim).

4) Maybe it's a misunderstanding of terminology. Maybe when they said you were (Muslim)ish they truly meant the ish part, meaning you're just a walking example of a stereotypical Muslim even though you're not really one.

See, see, there are scenarios you may not have considered. (Yeah, that last one doesn't work, unless Mulsimish is a word).

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