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 I tried to watch Late night with Stephen Colbert & all I got was biased politics. (5)

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I tried to watch Late night with Stephen Colbert & all I got was biased politics.

If any person on this Planet does not admit that the main stream media is biased Democrat partisans, then you should not be on a debate site.

I tried to watch the monolog on the Colbert late night show and got a Democrat lecture against Trump and Sessions. There was hardly any attempt at their usual anti Trump political so called humor.
It was an outright news program attacking Trump and Sessions for this joke scandal of Sessions speaking with the Russian Ambassador, which senators do all the time.

During Session's hearings he told the panel that he had not talked with Russian leaders concerning the election. He should have clarified that he had talked to the Ambassador over world events(which is normal in his job), but he did not think he needed to.

Now these insane Democrats are wasting everyone's time trying to hurt Trump and his administration no matter how trivial the matter.

These same hypocrites nominated Hillary who lied under oath in Benghazi hearings and lied about her private server and clinton foundation non stop, and they could not care less.

Most of Hollywood and network news programs are cheerleaders for Democrats and it is truly sickening.

Who wants to watch a comedy show and then get a political attack against our President and administration. These Democrats are truly losing it and i hope the electorate has the intellect to see it. TWLL THEM TO STOP IT, AND TELL THEM YOU WILL BOYCOTT THEIR SHOWS IF THEY DO NOT STOP.
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It''s Stephen Colbert. Come one, of course he leans left. He's never hidden that. Seriously that's like watching Tomi Lahren and complaining that she is politically biased. Freaking Duh.

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Ha ha ha. You watched the former host of the Daily Show and expected to see something fair and unbiased? Here's a couple of tips for you...

When Saturday Night Light does Weekend Update segments, it's a waste of your time to write asking for their sources to confirm the facts of their stories.

When South Park includes a celebrity in their story they probably didn't ask that star's publicist to approve the content.

And when Fox News doesn't like someone it just means that person isn't a conservative.

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Everybody on tv is biased. People want a circle jerk of the same info to keep reinforcing ideas so in some way they feel more comfortable.

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Of course. Did this surprise you?

Stephen Colbert is not a "news" show but a comedy. That's why it is on Comedy Central.

However, the media likes to treat him as a "news" channel and draws from his show and place it into theirs. I've seen it.

Yes, the world must be coming of it's axis.

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Good ol' Stephen! He tells it like it really is! I'd rather get my news from Colbert, Jon Stewart and Bill Maher and my comedy from FAUX NEWS! :-) ( The REAL "FAUX" NEWS, Mr. Trump!)