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 I've Done It! I've Figured Out What Is Wrong with this Site! (4)

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I've Done It! I've Figured Out What Is Wrong with this Site!

You see, all the stupid debates that are made show up on the home page, so nobody ever gets around to seeing the good ones (i.e. mine). So, in an effort to pick this site back from its dying knees and raise it to its feet, I suggest that everybody look through this carefully created list of debates and add worthy arguments to each contained therein.

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Sometimes I don't know whether your cockiness is for jest, or real. And if it's real, is it justified?

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Hold on what about all of my debates?

Anyway, a while back Joecavalry had his own little subsection of CD (called Joecavalry all day every day, or something) of which most of the more respectable members also tagged their debates with. So to find a decent debate all you had to do was go to Joe's debate section.

Anyway, I don't know what happened to it, but now i have to suffer the torment of looking at stupid debates every time I look at the home page.

J.A.D.E.D. = Joe_Cavalry All Day Every Day =>


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Couldn't you just be an optimist and look for the good things on this site instead of the bad things? The worst thing is pointless debates like this!