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 I've been here a whole year! PARTAY! (12)

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I've been here a whole year! PARTAY!


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Awesome for you Struck! :)I realy like you the whole time you were here and I`m proud of you!

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Wow, yeah and I have been here almost 6 days and already have almost the same amount of reward points as you!

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Aren't you the top banana? .

Billie(790) Disputed
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Gee, you really hate me don't you? Seriously, if you got nothing nice to say, just zip it. As for your debate, I no longer wish to debate with such an ignorant moan - It makes it all such a drag! I like GENUINE debates that don't ooze NEGATIVITY. If you were slightly nicer, I wouldn't dislike you so much and would reply. I don't debate with grumpy people! Goodbye!

2 points

Really, I've never seen you before. you must have started your account and hardly used it.

I see nothing to celebrate about here.

You may as well be proclaiming your joy at being in prison for a year LOL

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Nice,i just joined today wow now your getin old.:) :) :)


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Way to go!!! I spent two years on another site and was one of the top contributors until one day they got tired of my shit and permanently deactivated my account! Bwhahaha! Wussies! Be careful... JK! I don't think it's possible to get the boot from here! Congrats to you.

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Sheesh what kill joys. Also I think you are right about this site, I don't even think it's monitored.

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Your laugh is highly unusual, when you laugh out loud is that what it sounds like? Just asking, I have never heard a laugh like it before. Saying that, my laugh is probably out of the norm knowing me.

I thought that you were here when I started, I'm obviously wrong but it wasn't until you posted this that I realized how long I've been using this site, Cheers and happy belated CD birthday.