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 I’ve changed my mind Socialism rocks, inflation at 13;000% (18)

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I’ve changed my mind Socialism rocks, inflation at 13;000%

Venezuela is doing Socialism proud , high fives all around 

Marx would be doing cartwheels with delight , this place is fucking utopia 

The country does not measure inflation, so its true rate is anyone's guess. Economists surveyed by Bloomberg see it rising 1,864% this year, while the International Monetary Fund estimates that figure at around 13,000%. You read that right: 13,000%. 

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Venezuela is doing Socialism proud

Can you explain to us how Venezuela is socialist? Over two thirds of its economy is in the private sector. That makes it comparable to all those other "socialist" countries like Iceland, Finland and Denmark people on the right claim are capitalist because they top the world's quality of life index.

Jody(1349) Disputed
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Ahhh here we go yet again with the No true Scotsman’s tap dance you love doing every time where anything that doesn’t fit your ever changing definition of Socialism ain’t it.

Do a google search and you will find it clearly states Venezuela is a Socialist state buddy.

To school you yet again regarding the Scandinavian countries the Nordic model refers to economic and social policies common to Nordic countries the system is based on free market capitalism

Your welcome , I’m getting a bit tired of educating you son

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Ahhh here we go yet again with the No true Scotsman’s tap dance

Your premise that Venezuela is socialist is debunked by the fact that over two thirds of its economy is privately owned and run. Accusing me of "No True Scotsman" for pointing this out to you is comparably stupid to the rest of the trash which leaves your idiot mouth. How about I call you a paedophile, you explain that you aren't a paedophile because you don't molest kids, and then I accuse you of a "No True Scotsman tapdance"? How does that work for you, you fucking idiot?

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Why not hear what someone who has spent the last two decades following politics in South America...

American conservatives won’t acknowledge the rest of South America, because doing so would mean acknowledging that Venezuela-style collapses are the opposite of typical. And because a dispassionate look at the Venezuelan case would conclude that it has been driven by a unique mix of circumstances, in which socialism is just one ingredient.

Far more toxic, in my view, has been the collapse of democracy. Venezuelans can no longer vote out a horrifically misguided government, leaving society helpless. In the rest of the region, democracy held up, so socialists who messed up got term-limited or voted out of office.

Yes, you will never hear these statistics on Fake News.

The Democrat Party and those on the Left are the most deceptive hypocrites on the planet.

They will never report news that hurts their socialistic agendas.

AlofRI(2843) Disputed
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"The Democrat(ic) Party and those on the left are the biggest hypocrites...…….."

No, the Trumpist Party, (there are no longer any Republicans in Washington), are run by the BIGGEST hypocrites in the world! He hides behind a "Christian" hypocrisy of his OWN, masquerades AS a conservative, is a bigger spender than ANY liberal that wasn't in a war! Is an entity that LIES continuously, lives a life that is ANYTHING but what a "Christian" is supposed to be, and exists in Washington largely on the support of "Christians" that turn their backs on his "character" ONLY with the blessing AND hypocrisy of the Evangelicals and some other "holier than thou" communities that also, by default, back racists and communists around the world! Look in the mirror, you'll SEE a REAL hypocrite!

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How is it people feel themselves so aware of what all of these terms mean yet constantly fail to see that socialism in the US is alive and well...for the rich.

Our plutocrats in govt. have forced the taxpayers to throw trillion$ at the capitalist for 60 years. The govt. forces the socialization (taxpayers) to insure against bank risk, agric. risk, pension theft and overseas investment risk.

The whole ethanol market was created by socialism to the tune of billion$ every year to produce millions of gallons...the public doesn't need or want.

The govt. forces taxpayers to provide price supports to dairy because dairy producers/investors bribe govt. feeling entitled to produce 3 times what the market demands.

Obviously that over-supply would deflate the price, so the govt. steps in and buys all it can using it for the military and often gives it away. The US taxpayers spends million$ per year just to store govt. dairy products.

This renders the whole argument about socialism only so much bullshit. The US yearly provides billion$ in socialism only the capitalist can love.

As for socialism for the poor ? Fuck them, let them go to jail or just die.

FromWithin(8234) Disputed
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You are so blind it is truly amazing!

Christians like what Trump is doing, not his lifestyle!

Did you notice in Trump's State of the union how he spoke up for the lives of viable babies? He showed to the world the Democrat Party's support of No Restriction abortions!


Did you notice how Trump spoke up for our nation's heritage, and spoke out against the Democrat Socialistic agendas? THIS IS WHY CHRISTIANS LIKE WHAT TRUMP IS DOING!

Christians love what Trump stands for, NOT WHAT HE SUPPOSEDLY DOES IN HIS PERSONAL LIFE!

We have never had a perfect moral man as President. What Americans should love is any President who is not bought by the powerful elites, and is his own man! Americans should admire any President that loves America and puts Americans FIRST!

Trump is a miracle, and came into power at the exact time in history to stop the destruction of America by these new age radical Socialist Democrats.

You are absolutely blind to the damage caused by corrupt Socialistic politicians who want the power to redistribute our money and secure their corrupt careers!