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I voted for Trump in primary today



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I bet you would enjoy having as many votes as you do alt accounts. Imagine if all your alt accounts became legal citizens of the US and could all vote. Then you could singlehandedly decide entire elections and full force fascism might actually become a viable option.

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Glad you were able to vote and vote for the reasonable choice.

Reported for replying to your own political propaganda. You forget that I have all of your puppet accounts on my ban list. It takes two seconds to check, scumbag.

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You'd suck his dick if he let you. Nobody cares who you voted for Bronto. It's only thanks to the left and the civil rights movement that people with IQs under 100 are even permitted to vote in the first place, let alone spam their Nazi propaganda in internet forums on 200 different accounts.

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It's only thanks to the left and the civil rights movement

Actually more Republicans by percentage voted for the Civil Rights Act of 1964, and the slaves were freed by the Republican Party. And the President, Roosevelt, who used executive order to put Japanese Americans in internment camps, was a Democrat.

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Brit Hacker if you do not like the 15th Amendment then do something about it and if you can't then STFU

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