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 I want you to read these two statements, & see if you can grasp the critical difference. (1)

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I want you to read these two statements, & see if you can grasp the critical difference.

Muslims are protesting over in Birmingham Britain, about LGBT groups indoctrinating their children in public schools.

Now I want you to pay close attention to a couple comments in this news story.

1) The story at first actually implied how these protesters were making the statement... "it is not ok to be Gay". This was a complete distortion of the facts.

2) These protesters are speaking out against LGBT groups conditioning their children to embrace LGBT issues as natural and normal sexual orientations, in public schools.

Do you see the critical difference?

One statement is trying to make you believe people would deny LGBT groups the freedom to live as they choose. This is always the deceptive narrative from the Left.

The other statement speaks to what's actually happening. Parents do not want political active LGBT groups indoctrinating their children into believing these sexual orientations are natural and normal.

How would those on the Left like it if religious groups came into your child's public school and taught them that Islam or any other religion was a truthful alternative to Science? Against the Parents will!

If you are not a total hypocrite, I would hope you have the intellect to admit the truth of what we are saying. If you lack that honesty, you have already been banned from a thousand past episodes of deception.
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These are the types of issues that shows the deception from people on the Left.

They refuse to admit what is actually going on in our schools, These deceptive people should be no where near a debate site. They waste everyone's time.