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It does! Wait? What? How?
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I was told by an aquaintance that this image promotes Rape Culture

Full size here:

Her argument was that drunk sex = rape
But rape requires the act of Penetration
and only the male is the penetrator in this situation,
unless the woman used a foreign object.

It does!

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Wait? What? How?

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That's a tough one. I want to start by acknowledging that there are laws, as well as societal stereotypes, which are lopsided in favor of women when it comes to rape. And then next acknowledge that in reality women most of the time indeed are the victims of rape and that society has tolerated abuse of women for male enjoyment for far too long.

However, I don't think this image or the text with it promotes "rape culture". It's merely pointing out there are consequences and complexities behind sex itself. Saying be careful is not promoting rape culture. And one could fairly say it is warning BOTH women and men that this could be the result of drunk sex.

The wording of the laws in the region where the scenario on this poster are true may themselves be questionable and unfair. But telling people on a poster that this thing could happen is not in and of itself a promotion of rape culture.

I don't know, am I missing something? I'm trying to be fair and open minded about this.

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Bohemian(3861) Clarified
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I think she was referring more specifically to the caption: "If Jake was drunk he couldn't consent either. Or is that not how equality works?", as promoting rape culture.



The underlying idea being that women should be just as responsible for their decisions while drunk as men are.

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J-Roc77(70) Clarified
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Being innebrieted doesn't excuse someones actions. Being inebriated doesn't exclude someones from their legal rights. Either party would be subject to any incident they partake in.

I suppose the comment about jake could be saying jake could have been raped. And if that's the case 'Jake' should report it as such. But fact of the matter is thats rarely the case. The poster is targetting men in an environment where women are the more common rape victims.

Saying 'Jake' couldn't consent either is missing the point and trying to shift focus to an area that doesn't show much a need instead of addressing the issue. If males being raped by college aged females is a problem by all means men should start reporting their cases and get that movement going.

edit...just an fyi rape does not 'require' penetration. the OP's friend has an odd defintion. Not a legal one anyway.

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